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LyX Hands on workshop for UTM thesis and for journals

Workshop status

  1. The registration is opened ! (Only 50 participants). 
  2. This workshop has four sections to register each with certain capacity from 12-14 students, once the four sections status being full, the registration will be closed.
  3. Please snipe and upload the payment receipts (transaction details) in order to complete registration properly. 
  4. This is two days workshop, the first day is to install the relevant software. The next day is the hands on workshop.

Register here

Sorry the registration is closed, all sections are full. Keep visiting PGSS-FKE website for upcoming workshops.Thank you for visiting our website.

Policies of the workshop

  1. The workshop attendance certificate will be issued and considered to only who register online through the sections provided in this page. 
  2. For reliable documentation, please upload the receipts or payment details.
  3. The certificate will not be issued to who didn't attend the two days workshop.
  4. Register before 10th of June, and Got 10% discount.
  5. Once the section status being closed; please register with other sections.
  6. It is required to bring your PCs.
  7. Please bring electric adapter if possible.

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