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Tuesday@3 2013-2014

Postgraduate Student Society under Faculty of Electrical Engineering (PGSS-FKE) will be organizing a Tuesday@3 event which is a sharing session of technical knowledge for FKE postgraduates.

The objective of Tuesday@3 is to create a platform and an active environment for students. Selected Speakers will be invited to share their technical knowledge.

Date: Every Tuesday (1
2 November – 17 December 2013)
Time: 3 PM

Venue: P03, Level 4, VCR Room, FKE, UTM Skudai, Johor.

FKE postgraduates are invited to become Presenters for Tuesday@3. If you are interested to become Presenter, please send your CV and the abstract of presentation to

All Presenters will be given a certificate and special gift.

All FKE postgraduates are invited to take part in this Tuesday@3 event.
•    Food and beverage will be provided.
•    Free entrance.
•    A mysterious gift will be given to the early bird every week!

Registration is OPEN

Tuesday@3 (2013/2014, Slot 1 - Slot 6)

Past Presentation Slots